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Restaurant leftovers? Take them home with the Family Bag

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An initiative by Unioncamere Veneto and Conai: 100 restaurants will offer boxes to bring home leftover food.

Becoming ecosustainable, sometimes, means breaking embarrassing taboos, such as taking home food leftovers from the restaurant without making up excuses, like pretending that it is for the dog. Conai, the National Packaging Consortium, gives it a try with its “Family Bag”, the “human” version of the famous “Doggy Bag”: a design bag made of recycled material and decorated with the letters FB. The initiative was promoted by the Ministry for the Environment with the cooperation of Unioncamere Veneto and Conai, and it was first presented in Padova.

Unioncamere Veneto identified 100 restaurants belonging to three restaurateur associations that will start receiving the Family Bags made by several recycling consortia. The restaurants participating in this pilot project, which will begin in the region of Veneto, will be supplied with about a hundred Family Bags made of plastic (Corepla), aluminium (Cial), paper (Comieco), wood (Rilegno) and steel (Ricrea).

The Family Bag logo was designed with the purpose of making the recovery of restaurant food leftovers a socially shared, not embarrassing habit. To this end it was necessary to study the logo and graphics of the Family Bag as if it were a fashion brand. The naming initials were associated to graphical elements that represent food leftovers with synthetic, iconic traits: the result is a clean, elegant texture that almost makes the Family Bag look like a haute couture clutch bag. To better explain the concept visually represented by the logo, the back of the Family Bag carries the following writings:

From now on, thanks to the Family Bag, dinner leftovers at the restaurant won’t be a problem anymore.

You won’t have to feel guilty for wasting food that was still good, and you won’t have to worry that you might offend the restaurant staff.

Taking home your food, you’ll help reduce waste and you’ll gratify the cooks who made it, by bringing their recipes to your home and sharing them with family and friends. Not only that: you’ll be playing your part in the circular economy, an economy based on the recovery of resources and on the prevention of waste.

And thanks to the exclusive design of the Family Bag, you’ll be doing all of this in style.

From today, not wasting food will be more than just a good deed: it will become a new lifestyle.

“It is essential for consumers to adopt sustainable behaviours in their everyday life, in order to reduce the waste of resources. We need to take one step further in the fight against food wasting – declared Roberto De Santis, the president of Conai – Conai is ready to do its part by increasing its activities of awareness raising about packaging and packaging waste. We are ready to offer institutions our full support in realizing initiatives of this kind, which are perfectly in line with our mission, that is minimizing waste through the recycling of steel, aluminium, paper, wood, plastic and glass packaging. 15 years of efforts in this field have led to a virtuous model which allows us to recycle 3 out of 4 product packages and to create development and new employment possibilities.”

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