Rome, AMA joins ENEA for a greener waste management

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One hundred BioComp, small machines for composting to be installed in school, office and hotel diners in the capital.

Technical tests of green revolution in the Eternal City. Ama, the Roman operator for the integrated management of environmental services, signed an agreement with ENEA, the Italian National Agency for new technologies. The result? By the next Jubilee, one hundred “Biocomp” (small machines to produce quality compost) will be installed in school, office and hotel diners in the capital, for a greener waste management.

The agreement, which will last three years, foresees sustainable management and kilometer zero waste, with positive repercussions on costs and taxes. Within a year, the project aims to involve about 100 activities including school canteens, offices and hotels in the 15 Capitoline districts. According to estimates, each of them will destine about 80 tons of waste to composting in order to produce quality fertilizer for a total of 8 thousand tons per year.

“Community” composting is based on the use of electromechanical machines, “Biocomp”, through which it’s possible to deal the organic part of the produced waste directly on the spot (food waste, plant cuttings, prunings, etc.). Every hotel, canteen or company could produce a quality fertilizer, compost, from its waste.

For the realization of the project, ENEA will destine a space at the Research Center of the “Casaccia”, where a pilot plant for composting will be installed by Ama. ENEA will monitor the activities and will produce the material for training courses. Ama will organize promotion, daily practicality and accessibility of “Biocomp” together with business administrations, condominiums, schools, etc. The company will also analyse compost at certified laboratories.

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