Ships, Spain adopts a model recycling facility

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DDR Vessels will open a new facility in Gijón in June 2016: ships will be transformed into new raw materials for the steel mills of the surrounding area.

After 3 years of preparations and negotiations, everything is ready for the realization of his entrepreneurial dream: Antonio Barredo of DDR Vessels is about to open a plant for ship recovery in the Spanish harbour of Gijón in June 2016.

“Now that we received the final authorisation, we are free to carry on with our project and the construction works”, Barredo explains. Since 2012 the Spanish entrepreneur has been working on the development of the structure, which is located in an abandoned factory building in Gijón’s harbour. Once completed, the facility will be able to fulfil all European norms on ship recycling as well as the standards of the Hong Kong Convention.

The company invested 3 billion euros. Barredo expects to process about 50 thousand tons of materials per year, from small and medium vessels. The scrap parts will be used to supply the steel mills of Gijón and of the industrial area of Bilbao.

According to Barredo, this facility will become a model to imitate for its total decontamination, separation, treatment and recycling of ships and their scrap parts.

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