Sistri: TIM and AlmavivA win the contract

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The two companies will be in charge of the waste traceability system. 5-year concession with a max value of € 260 million.

New Sistri, first act. Finally the names of the winning companies are out: the companies that won the call for tenders for the control of the waste traceability system set up by the Conspi consortium on account of the Ministry for the Environment are AlmavivA and TIM, with the support of Agriconsulting.

The concession concerns the whole life cycle of the waste through loading and unloading logs, transport reports (producers and transporters), and track registrations. The companies will provide both operational services (management of the funds; user support; information providing) and instrumental services (system and infrastructure management; information system maintenance, development and caring).

The Temporary Association of Enterprises composed by AlmavivA, TIM and Agriconsulting received the highest technical score with a proposal based on an easily accessible user interface though a smartphone app: the idea is to guarantee an optimal usage experience and broaden the user base, which potentially could include 600,000 operators.

AlmavivA will be in charge of the management and development of the apps to transfer the whole process online and proceed to a complete dematerialisation of the waste traceability system. To this end, the company will employ its own platform for Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence solutions.

TIM will implement and manage two models of Cloud Computing services, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS), through its national Data Centres that ensure high reliability, scalability and information security standards. Moreover, TIM will provide the services of a Certification Authority, so as to guarantee the integration and evolution of the Sistri system within the SPID system (public system for digital identity). The company will also be in charge of the vehicle traceability system, thanks to its technical skills and the support of the affiliate company Way SpA.

Finally, Agriconsulting will develop specialised application solutions.

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