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The Circulars: the award for circular economy heroes

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The competition for businesses, public bodies and individuals that contribute to transition has been launched. With the blessing of finances leading figures.

“Are you a hero of circular economy?”. This the headline of Fortune, the American bible of capitalism, known for its annual rankings of the companies that make more profits. This time, however, the protagonists of the magazine are not the wolves of Wall Street, but the more “far-sighted ants” of the green economy.

Fortune refers to The Circulars, the recognitions awarded to businesses, organizations and individuals that have struggled more in order to minimize their environmental impact.

The initiative, now in its second edition, is organized by the taskforce Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum, with Fortune as media-partner and in collaboration with Accenture, which recently published a book on circular economy benefits for global growth. The purpose of these awards is to promote circular practices, characterized by reduced dependence on raw materials and energy and by waste reduction. The winners will be awarded next January in a temple of capitalism: the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Last year, the event was attended by 200 companies. One of the winners, Innoverne, had developed software to ensure that workshops can share the most expensive instruments for car repair. Thanks to this, smaller activities are not forced out of business because they can not afford the needed equipment. After being awarded, Innoverne has earned 1 million dollars. Another winner is the computer giant Dell, whose new system permitted to recycle 2 million kg of electronic waste turning them into new devices.

Here are the award categories of The Circulars for the 2016 edition:

  • Leadership: award for a personality in the business world or in the public sector, which has been an inspirational leader in the journey towards the circular economy
  • Multinationals: award for large companies with over a hundred million dollars sales volume, which are engaged in innovation
  • Companies: award for small and medium-sized enterprises, with a sales volume between ten and one hundred million dollars, which enter the circular economy
  • Startup: award for young companies with less than a ten million dollars sales volume, which are at the forefront of the circular economy
  • Governments, cities and regions: award for local authorities and government bodies that lay the foundations to create circular economy
  • Investors: award for investment funds that support circular economy (venture capital, private equity, sovereign wealth funds, pension plans, investment banks and other entities that have invested at least 15 million dollars in circular economy)
  • Digital innovators: prize for organizations or public bodies that use digital technologies to implement the circular revolution
  • Popular jury: award for the most voted participant on the website of The Circulars
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