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World’s first Circular Economy graduate

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Gin Tidridge is the first graduate of a pioneering MBA from UK’s Bradford University.

The world has got a circular economy specialist: her name is Gin Tidridge and she is the first student to complete an MBA in Innovation, Enterprise and Circular Economy at the University of Bradford, UK. She is really the first among the first, as the programme is the first MBA in the world to provide professionals in this new way of conceiving economy, where nothing is considered as a waste and (almost) everything can be reused.

Gin’s thesis concerns the supply chain of B&Q, the British DIY giant. Her research focused on finding a “closed loop” solution in line with circular economy principles for the company’s wide range of products. Her work will help the business to become more innovative in the development of its products and services.

The University of Bradford School of Management’s programme provides both theoretical and practical skills tackling subjects such as regenerative product design, new business models, reverse logistics and enabling communication technologies.

Bradford opened the way for a new academic experience: other higher education institutions are beginning to recognise the need to integrate circular economy concepts in their curricula across academic disciplines. Starting in January 2017, UK’s Cranfield University will run an executive MSc in Technology, Innovation and Management for a Circular Economy, combining the university’s strengths in technology, management and finance with expertise in engineering, logistics and environmental sciences. In 2015, the Netherlands’ Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) launched an online circular economy course: to date, the students enrolled are 16 thousand.

Bradford, Cranfield and TU Delft are all members of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Pioneer University network. The foundation was among the first in the world to dedicate itself to the promotion of the circular economy.

Source: The Guardian

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